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What is Mobio Interactive's goal?

Our goal is to provide effective and accessible healthcare to everyone worldwide. In doing this, our focus is digital therapy. To prevent, measure, and treat mental illness, we develop digital therapeutics personalised with objective and scalable biomarkers. Our clinically-validated digital therapeutic content is developed by working with clinicians and experts around the world to deliver personalised healthcare at scale for the benefit of pharma, mayors, and patients. By offering a healthcare option digitally through mobile phones, we are able to expand the reach to more users worldwide.

What is AmDTx, MI’s featured product?

AmDTx is a multilingual, clinically-validated digital therapeutic personalised with objective and scalable biomarkers. The software targets specific indications including cancer, concussion, maternal health, obesity, and mood disorders such as anxiety and depression. AmDTx is the first (and still only) fully-remote and fully-automated digital mindfulness training platform that outperforms placebo in clinical trials. AmDTx is listed on ORCHA with an 88% rating for iOS and Android.


How does it work?

Though the app has many features, perhaps one of its most impressive is its ability to quantify stress through a 30-second selfie video.


Mobio Interactive has created the world’s most accurate neural network and computer vision tools for the objective quantification of stress. In collaboration with Dr. Alex Wong at the University of Waterloo, Mobio Interactive is developing computer vision tools to measure heart rate variability from 30-second selfie videos. The neural network can objectively quantify stress, with an 86% accuracy in under 30 seconds using the mobile device camera (Al-Jebrni et al., 2020). Using this, AmDTx is able to measure an individual’s stress before and after a therapy session, determining the changes in stress levels through psychobiometrics. The benchmarked difference between stress levels prior and following a digital therapy session, allows AmDTx to adapt to the needs of the user/patient by adjusting the therapeutic content by feeding Real World Evidence into an ML model. This adaptivity is behind AmDTx’s effectiveness, which is proven in clinical trials as AmDTx is the first resilience app to beat placebo in a randomised controlled trial. It provided a 10% boost to stress resilience and 30% drop in overall stress relative to placebo (Walsh et al., 2019). Aside from measuring stress through a smartphone camera, AmDTx also has features for self-assessments of stress, implicit calculation of mood, and free-form journaling.


Ultimately, AmDTx, is driven by Mobio’s ultimate goal of making healthcare effective and accessible for everyone. 

How did MI develop their unique and world class neural network?

AmDTx uses a deep neural network to objectively quantify stress. Originally developed in collaboration with Dr. Alex Wong, the neural network continues to be built upon using MI’s in-house technology. Along with the neural network, MI has built the largest dataset of meditation practitioners, rating their mood, stress, and heart rate variability through MI’s first commercial launch with Wildflowers. This has informed the ML model that predicts stress.

How does MI market AmDTx?

MI markets AmDTx through monthly newsletters, social media, and through participating frequently in conferences and talks. As MI is a B2B2C company with a focus on Pharma, Payors, and Health Systems, they have partnerships for distribution of AmDTx to members, patients, and clients, in order to improve mental health. Current partnerships include Green Shield Canada, AppScript, and bluum.

Want to check out the application for yourself?

You can install Mobio on either Google Play or the iOS App Store where it is rated 4.5/5 and 4.9/5 stars respectively.


What’s next for AmDTx?

MI is working on making the product more intuitive and personalised for users. MI is also enhancing the type of objective biomarkers that they can obtain and how they feed into enhancing the efficacy of AmDTx. This includes ongoing improvements to the objective measures of mood using computer vision.


To continue producing clinically-validated content and forming the pathway to regulatory approval as a digital therapeutic, MI has numerous clinical trials underway including Kidney Cancer in Brazil with Cettro, Paediatric Concussion with CHEO in Ottawa, and Mental Illness with the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) in Ontario.

Let’s see it in action!

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