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Research Poster Competition

Research Poster Competition

Check out the researchers who presented their work to an audience of attendees and 4 judges at the
2021 BioTEC Research Poster Competition


The BioTEC Research Poster Competition provides student researchers the opportunity to present their cutting-edge research in the biotechnology domain.


Presenters will not require affiliation with a university or other institution, allowing for the submission of amateur research, enabling the presentation of research that would otherwise wouldn’t be known.


Jaya Gupta



2021 Winner : Veronica Bot

People's Choice



2021 Winner : Haleema Khan

Starfish Medical



2021 Winner : Veronica Bot


  • Must be a current high school, undergraduate, or graduate student (Masters/PhD) OR have conducted the research while as a student.

  • Research must be related to the field of biotechnology, including biology. 

  • Be able to participate and present in the Research Poster Competition on the evening of October 23rd, 2021.

  • If you have any questions, feel free to reach out and check out our FAQ

Part 1

Abstract Selection

  • The abstract must follow this specific template

  • The abstracts are judged based on this criteria

  • The deadline for abstract submissions is September 10th with this link

  • Finalists will be notified by September 18th

  • Learn more with our FAQ

Part 2

Poster Presentation

  • Presenters will have until October 17th to submit their poster

  • Each judge will score each poster according to this score sheet

  • During the BioTEC 2021 Research Poster Competition Live Presentation Event, each judge will spend 10-15 minutes at each poster. They will be listening and asking questions to determine their scores 

  • The scores from the judges will determine the recipients of the Jaya Gupta Top Poster Prize.

  • The People’s Choice Poster Prize will be determined by the attendees. Vote here

  • The Starfish Medical Most innovative prize will be chosen by a representative of Starfish Medical

  • All winners will be announced at the end of the poster competition and during the closing remarks of the conference.

  • Learn more with our FAQ


Abstract Submission Deadline

September 10

Abstract's Selected and Presenters Emailed

September 18

Deadline to Submit Poster

October 17

BioTEC 2021 Research Poster Competition

October 23

Posters Displayed on Website and People’s Choice Voting Period

October 23 - November 14

Winner’s announced during Conference

November 14

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Abstract Submission


Can high school/undergraduates/masters/PhD students submit abstracts?

Any student, including high school, undergraduate, and graduate (masters/PhD) students, can submit an abstract. 


What template should my abstract follow?

This template should be followed for your submission. 


How will my abstract be judged? 

The abstract judges will score the abstract based off this scoresheet


When will I be notified if my abstract has been selected? 

You will receive an email on September 18 if your abstract has been selected.


How do I submit an abstract?

You can use this link to submit your abstract.


Do I need university/lab affiliation to submit my research?

No, you do not need affiliation with an institution or a lab to submit research. We are open to, and encourage, the submission of amateur research. 


Is there a word limit for the abstracts?

There is a word limit of 250 words. Follow the template provided for more information on submission guidelines. 


Can I submit published research?

Yes, we are open to submissions of published research. Your abstract/poster will not be distributed without your prior approval.


Is there a participation/submission fee?
No, there are no costs to competing in the event.


Poster Submission/Presentation


Am I doing an oral presentation during the BioTEC Research Poster Competition?

Yes, if your abstract is selected, you will present your poster for 5 minutes to the judges, and then answer their questions for 5 minutes. Judges will have seen your poster prior to the presentation, and are mostly judging your ability to answer questions/expertise on the subject. You can reference the poster scoring criteria for more information.


Will I need to be physically present at the BioTEC Research Poster Competition?

No, as the event will be held entirely virtually via Hopin. 


Do I need to attend BioTEC 2021 if my abstract is selected?

BioTEC 2021 is a separate conference occurring virtually on November 13th - 14th, 2021. You do not have to attend if you do not want to.


Will my poster be shared if I participate in the competition?

Yes, your poster will be posted to the BioTEC website so that the audience can more easily read the material. Additionally, if you are selected for one of the 3 prizes, your poster may be showcased on the website and on social media. 


Will I receive feedback on my presentation and poster?

Yes, you will receive the scorecard from each individual judge, which will include any comments. Judges will be asked to provide detailed and constructive feedback for each poster. 


Can I attend the Research Poster Competition event if my abstract wasn’t selected?

The event will be open to the public. You are more than welcome to join the audience and listen to the presentations. You can also vote for the People's Choice Award here.


Can I attend the event if I didn’t submit an abstract?

Anybody is welcome to join the event! Login details will be emailed if you are on our mailing list, and shared through our social media platforms. Click here to join our mailing list!

Poster Comp - FAQ
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