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The BioTEC Team

Patrick Prochazka


Laura Berneaga



Muiz Sohani

Marketing Director

Asma Khamis

Outreach Coordinator

Raziq Kassam

Web Platform Lead


Anni Wang

Operations Director

Sean D'Mello

Logistics Lead 

Aryan Singh

Speakers Lead

Jessica Yang

Logistics Lead

Lucy Zhao

Speakers Lead

Rahul Gigi

Logistics Lead

Zarifa Nazarali

Outreach Leader

Molly Lu

Outreach Lead

(Social Media)

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Naomi Kothiyal

Outreach Lead (Partnerships)

Aishvika Shandrabose

Outreach Lead (Partnerships)


We're a team of 33 students passionate about sharing opportunities in biotech.

Aliya Khaki

Design Lead

Harleen Klair

Design Lead

Angel Cai

Design Lead


Zia Baig

Finance Director

Andrew Xu

Finance Lead

Original Content

Malak Ali

Original Content Director

Judy Xia

Breaks Lead (Podcast)

Ellen Tan

Breaks Lead (Written)

Christina Hsing

Breaks Lead (Written)


Claire Liu

Sponsorship Director

Anish Sivakumar

Sponsorship Lead

Isa Mohideen

Sponsorship Lead

Jonny Hsu

Pitch Competition Lead

Erin Zhong

Pitch Competition Lead


Jotham Chow

Sponsorship Advisor


Jordan Van Wyk

Marketing and Original Content Advisor


BioTEC 2020 was dedicated to Jaya, who passed away in October 2020. Jaya was an integral member of the BioTEC Executive Team and contributed significantly to conference growth through her work on the marketing team. Jaya's joy and enthusiasm shone through in all of her interactions, within the team and beyond, and she will be dearly missed.

Jaya Gupta - 1999-2020

Marketing Lead


Simona Rocco

Overall Advisor

Nathan Duarte

Overall Advisor

Yashveer Soni

Operations Advisor