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The BioTEC Conference is Just Around the Corner

With our highly anticipated event just coming up, we are excited to announce it’s officially sign up season! The BioTEC Conference has been running for five year and connects hundreds of Canadians, professionals, and innovators. As we grow each year, our team’s goal is to provide an educational and memorable experience for all that attend. As a result, we are so proud to have this year’s conference held at Court by Marriott in downtown Toronto! Here are some interesting facts that are specific to the area!

You can find the address to the conference by clicking here! We hope to see you there!

Toronto General Hospital

Supervised under the UHN (United Health Network), the Toronto General Hospital (TGH) was first built in 1820. The UHN has created mergers between many hospitals such as the Toronto Western Hospital and the Toronto General Division of The Toronto Hospital. It is affiliated with the University of Toronto and is also used as a center of teaching. They took their first patients in 1829. Fun fact: TGH executed the world’s leading successful single lung transplant in 1983. This was followed by the first double-lung transplant in 1986. See more about TGH and their amazing effort shown on their website.

The Hospital for Sick Kids

Just around the block from our conference location is The Hospital for Sick Kids which is open 24/7 for all needs. This well-rounded establishment has been providing both physical and mental services for children to support the recovery journeys. Much of the care provided extends upon many specialities including cardiology, dermatology, endocrinology and many other areas. This research based institution has been continuously aiding youth and their loved ones with their mission to provide care and accessibility. Learn more about their work here.

MaRS Discovery District

Planning to start your own business? The MaRS Discovery District is right on the intersection of our conference and has helped over 1,000 startups! Their advisory services have united investors, academics and government workers via partnerships. In supporting industries such as cleantech and health, it is home to incredible success stories, such as Jombone and Knockri. Other milestones include generating $7.8B in sales, $11.7 GDP contribution in 2008 and employing over 20K people in 2020. They also have a careers page for opportunities to unit workers and the market. View their accomplishments and achievements to know more!


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