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Biotech as a Career Path

Biotechnology is a major sector of applied sciences that presents a promising future. The global market size for biotechnology is projected to grow from $505 Billion in 2020 to around $760 billion by 2027. This prediction is backed by a plethora of different factors, including the demand for biotech treatments for new kinds of diseases as well as the growing market for diabetic and cancer technology to name a few. Considering the forecast for biotechnology, now is a great time to consider a career in the industry, so here are some points and resources for you to consider:

Why Biotechnology?

We should begin with defining and understanding what biotechnology is. Biotechnology is a sector of science that focuses on using naturally occurring biological processes while also incorporating technological advances to produce specialized products and services. Examples of this can be seen in applications like DNA sequencing, nanobiotechnology, and tissue engineering. Biotechnology is on the bleeding edge of what science allows to be possible. Pathways in this field allow you to explore the vast variety of applications that will improve the quality of life of millions while pushing our technological applications forward.

Types of Jobs/Roles

In the field of biotechnology, there are a plethora of jobs and roles available, branching off into many different specializations. From agricultural food sciences to genomics technicians, there is a wide variety of titles that all require different areas of expertise and come with different responsibilities. Take your time and delve into the world of biotechnology by researching different pathways. There are many ways to research roles and is a great place to start looking into different career paths and find the right fit for you!

Getting Started

As mentioned before, it is important to start with research, and using the website listed above you can get a better understanding of what interests you. It is important to have proficiency in the subject area. To begin, you can pursue a bachelor’s degree in your desired field to build your knowledge and resume. Internships and other job opportunities in your field of interest are another great way to appreciate the nuances between reading about the job and having first-hand experience. Experience allows you to see exactly how the role suits you and can be done while you pursue your degree. These are some great ways to explore the opportunities presented by the biotech industry and get a better grasp of your role in the field.



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