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Insilico: The Company that Raised $255 Million For AI Drug Design

Insilico is a Hong Kong-based, AI-driven biotechnology company aiming to increase drug discovery and development times. They intend to reach this goal through their Pharma.AI platform which raised $255 Million in 2021. The platform consists of 3 software that showcases the possibilities that AI presents and is on track to fulfill the company’s mission. With over 150 academic and industry collaborators around the world, Insilico’s Pharma.AI platform is set to significantly impact the biotechnology space.

Pharma.AI is Insilico’s drug discovery engine that involves 3 stages; PandaOmics, Chemistry42, and InClinico. Starting with PanaOmics, the platform is able to target discovery through a deep learning biological analysis engine. This can decrease the discovery time from months to minutes. Chemistry42 allows users to find novel molecules through machine learning drug design. It used a ligand-structure-based design to optimize binding affinity and achieve desirable properties. Finally, with the use of InClinico, users are able to predict the probability of successful clinical trials. InClinico is able to achieve this by using its large collection of data regarding targets, diseases, clinical trials, and expert opinions at both preclinical and clinical stages. With this cutting-edge software, Insilico can expedite an otherwise time-consuming task.

As a testimonial to their AI technology, Insilico has several drug discovery projects in the works, all of which can be found here. Ranging from mechanisms to help target solid tumors to inhibiting skin fibrosis. The pipeline on Insilico’s website carries more information such as the stage of development and the mechanisms by which each target is manipulated by.

This AI-driven discovery method will revolutionize drug discovery and fast-track the current process set in place. Insilico’s heavily funded platform is one that is already making breakthroughs in its field and is anticipated to continue to do so. To learn more about Insilico and Pharma.AI, as well as other projects they are working on, visit their website linked below.

About the Author:

Rahul Gigi is currently a student at Western University and is in the Medical Sciences Program. He enjoys learning about biotechnology and the different applications that we see today, specifically biomarkers and drug delivery technologies.



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