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BioTEC hosted its 2nd annual pitch competition virtually on November 21st, 2020, open to early-stage, student-run ventures in the areas of medical devices, therapeutics, and health related technologies.
Competing teams were coached by industry experts and mentors from accelerators and incubators in Ontario. Teams were judged by a panel from some of Canada’s largest VC firms and the BioTEC 2020 winning teams received between $500 to $2000 to be used towards their businesses.

How To Apply

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The competition was open to teams with at least one member enrolled in a Canadian post-secondary institution at any level of study. Any teams with a startup idea in the healthcare technology space may apply (may include but not limited to: medtech, digital health, therapeutics, life science, etc). We especially encourage students in their final year of undergraduate studies completing a capstone project, or graduate students to apply.

BioTEC 2020 Prizes

Who can apply?

This competition is open to all teams with at least one teammate registered at a Canadian post-secondary institution at any level of study. We especially welcome students who are completing a capstone research or thesis project in their final year of undergraduate studies or graduate studies to apply.

When is the deadline to apply?

For BioTEC 2021, make sure to join the mailing list to get notified when applications open!

What are the prizes?

Stay tuned for the 2021 Pitch Competition prizes!

Why should I apply?

The event will offer your team the opportunity to pitch your startup idea to top health tech venture capitalist judges for invaluable insights that will take your idea to the next level. Teams that advance past the interview stage will receive 1:1 mentorship on how to best prepare their pitch from coaches at various incubators. The winning teams will also receive the opportunity to develop relationships with Canada’s leading venture capital firms, as well as secure funding to support the future development of your idea.

How many members are allowed per team?

We invite teams of any size to apply, however we are expecting teams to be between three and six students.

What is the format of the pitch?

Pitch presentations and the closed door round pitches will be 5 minutes in length, and followed by 5 minutes of questions from the judges. 

Got more questions? Send them our way!

Shoot us a DM us on Instagram (@uwbiotec), or send us a message on Facebook (Biotechnology and Bioengineering Conference) and our team will get back to you as soon as possible!


2020 Pitch Competition Winners



$2000 - Sponsored by adMare Bioinnovations



$1500 - Sponsored by Concept by Velocity



$1000 - Sponsored by Lumira Adventures

People's Choice


$500 - Sponsored by Biomedical Zone


In a time where minimally invasive procedures are the go-to safe solution in all other medical fields, GynAware hopes to redefine the treatment and often-invasive surgical approach for clinicians by developing the first pre-surgical biopsy device of uterine fibroids. Our novel hardware will take a tumor sample to diagnose, allowing doctors to offer patients personalized effective treatments, either by clearing women for minimally invasive options or by detecting their cancer earlier and providing the appropriate surgical intervention without delay. Unlike many medical device providers in gynecology who focus on fibroid treatment, our hardware solution will increase patient triage efficiency, reduce unnecessary invasive surgeries and offer patients ease of mind.



ImaginAble Solutions is an assistive technology startup focusing on developing Guided Hands™, an assistive device that enables anyone with limited hand function to write, paint, draw and use a touch-screen device. The mechanical device uses a system of linear shafts and ball bearing to enable controlled and guided hand movements as the user holds a handpiece tailored to their level of hand impairment (patent pending). Guided Hands™ improves quality of life through enabling self-expression, independence, development of cognitive skills and allowing the user to do what they love. The company helps people living with Cerebral Palsy, ALS, Huntinton's Disease and recovering from spinal cord injuries and strokes among others. ImaginAble Solutions' mission is to enable people to live the life they imagine.


Patients with motor neuron conditions (e.g. ALS, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy) often lose control of their hands, robbing their ability to use traditional joysticks on electric wheelchairs. EyeMove's add-on assistive product enables patients to control their wheelchair with eye movements. By simply looking at where they want to go, the wheelchair moves in that direction. This provides an intuitive and non-intrusive interface for controlling existing powered wheelchairs, an interface that competitor assistive devices such as sip n' puff and head control systems do not provide.

Past Judges

Linda Maxwell.jpg

Linda Maxwell

Executive Director of Biomedical Zone


Nikhil Thatte

Principal at Lumira Ventures


Frédéric Lemaître Auger

Managing Partner at adMare BioInnovations


Adrien Côté

Executive Director at Velocity

2020 Pitch Competition Sponsors

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